Welcome to Brand Content. If you’re here, you already know what we do. From TV to Twitter, we make the things that sell your things. Poke around a bit and see the kind of work we do. If it seems like the kind of work you’re looking for, then let’s talk.

Welcome to Brand Content. If you’re here, you already know what we do. From TV to Twitter, we make the things that sell your things. Poke around a bit and see the kind of work we do. If it seems like the kind of work you’re looking for, then let’s talk.


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Doug Gladstone

CEO / Chief Creative Officer

Believes creative work can solve almost anything – at least anything worth solving. Golfer in free time. Based on handicap needs more free time.

Gina Ladocsi

Chief Financial Officer

22 Years of Operational and Financial experience. 3 Children and running shoes to keep up with them. Likes to spend time outdoors and crop sharing at local farm.

Tom Kelly

Executive Creative Director

20 years in Boston advertising. Father of four. Semi-competent golfer. Past-his-prime hoops player turned coach.

Lindsay Sullivan

Director of Account Services

15 years experience. Supermom of two. Former urbanite, now South Shore convert. Loves restaurant scene & working on her deadlift. In equal parts.

Jim Bizier

Creative Director

Father of 2 boys, coach, and delusional baseball player who still thinks he has a shot at the big leagues.

Caroline McDonough

Social Media Manager

Notorious for champagne taste on a beer budget. She often wonders, "if an Instagram doesn't have 11 likes, did it even happen?"

Elizabeth Hennigan

Account Supervisor

Lip-sync battle champion. Croutons lover. Metrics maven.

Molly Kringdon

Account Supervisor

Family first. Coffee second. Guacamole third. Fancies rosé, year-round Christmas tunes and Maine summers.

Lawrence O’Toole

Associate Creative Director

Lawrence doesn’t have the balls to write his bio in the first person.

Trey Phillips

Associate Creative Director

Trey is equipped with a deep reservoir of wildly inappropriate expressions.

Adam Proia

Studio Manager

15+ years in Boston Advertising. Proud father and lucky husband. Future best selling Children’s Book author and Illustrator. Fluent in sarcasm.

Matt Sasso

Art Director

Half Polish and half Italian. That explains why I’m naturally talented at Polish-Horseshoes and eating pizza. Into playing bass and running or cruising around on my trusty skateboard.

Lindsey Campbell


Lindsey once saw Kevin Costner in the Providence Place Mall and excitedly screamed, “WATERWORLD!”

Nikki Leistinger

Senior Account Executive

Lover of red wine, live music, my cats, shows about prison. Disliker of poor grammar skills, bad drivers, haters and running.

Marc Santos

Account Executive

Traveled Europe to play soccer in a previous life. Self-proclaimed bourbon connoisseur. Convinced he’d survive a round on Chopped. Just a lonely Steelers fan living in TB12 country.

Elizabeth Harrison

Community Manager

Gold medal rhythmic gymnast and part-time model. Former Disney Channel star. Pathological liar.

Lauren Hokenson

Account Executive

Full of wanderlust. Color fanatic. Always seeking new adventures and to satisfy a chronic sweet-tooth.

Maggie Penza

Social Content Creator

Massachusetts Native. Professional karaoke singer. Raised by television. Sustained by breakfast foods.

Doug Murphy

Junior Copywriter

Can often be found watching baseball, trying to be funny on Twitter or drinking a good IPA. Future Olympic curler. Aries.

Hannah Gagnon

Junior Art Director

Creator. Dimpleinator. Frenchie lover. Ultimate foodie. Soul in Hawaii. Body in Boston. Living vicariously through myself.

Lauren DiZazzo

Community Manager

Emerson Mafia member. Proud Northender. Wanna be foodie. Ex junior varsity shot put team captain.

Ali Mattaway

Community Manager

A passion for fashion, but sometimes wears pajamas to work. Other interests include making people laugh/feel uncomfortable and eating until she feels sick.

Rebecca Nesi

Assistant Account Executive

First job in advertising, but she promises she's good at it. Also lover of animals, soccer, and basketball.

Kelly Gross

Assistant Account Executive

World traveler with a bottomless stomach and the tendency to rock some killer dance moves (only after a glass of wine).

Yuliya Aleksandrov

Creative Assistant

Rhythmic gymnast and coach. Cat lover. Will respond to “Mother Russia” or “The Moscow Yule."


BOSTON, MA 02118

BOSTON, MA 02118